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Reading Markdown front matter in Statamic

Statamic’s markdown modifier allows you to parse markdown into HTML. But what if you have markdown from an external source that contains front matter values? The default markdown parser and modifier dont parse or return front matter values, but it’s easy to add that ability! The… More

Blueprint based page aliases in Statamic templates

The page variable in Statamic templates contains the current entry, and is the primary way to access entry values in Blade. This works great, but when you’re working on non-page collections you might prefer to use a variable name that reflects the current blueprint, perhaps… More

Computed values in Statamic entries

Statamic allows you to alter entry values through the use of modifiers in your templates. However, if you’re applying the same modifications in multiple places or need a modified value outside of a template it can be useful to define this logic in the entry class itself. You can… More

Using Statamic globals in other application views

Statamic globals are automatically added to all views rendered by Statamic, whether you’re using Antlers or Blade. However, if you have views that are rendered outside of Statamic directly through Laravel’s view renderer the globals will not automatically be available. To make… More